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Reviews & Testimonials

Dental Assistant Job Offer Before Graduation

Dental Assistant Job OfferI really felt very confident in the teachers ability and I could tell that they genuinely cared about your progress. I thought that the externship was very helpful and I could see how dental offices work. I got a Dental Assistant Job Offer before graduation !

My favorite part of this class though was impressions and lab days were great too. I really didn’t have any part of this class that I didn’t care about. The education that I got from this school was very informative and helpful.

– says  Adrienne M.

I Have the Dental Assistant Skills

Dental Assistant SkillsI really felt that the externship helped reinforce the information that I learned in class. I believe that I have the dental assistant skills and it shows because I got a job offer prior to graduation.

I really loved the fact that the labs were very hands on and that the teachers were straight forward with everything.

– says Christy J.

I Had the Best Time at Dental Assisting School

Best TimeThe best part about class was when we cleaned each others teeth. I had the best time and laughed so much. I also felt that I retained a lot of the information each class along with the tests. I got a job offer at graduation and I am very excited.

The teachers were very receptive to questions that each student had and that made learning much easier.

– says Lucinda L.

I Loved Every Dental Assistant Lab

Dental Assistant LabI loved every dental assistant lab that we did but especially taking impression and doing temporary crowns. During my time in class I received a job offer at graduation and I can’t wait to put my education to work.

I really thought that the teachers cared about the students and the progress that was being made each class.

– says Perla G.

Dental Assisting School Teachers Went Above and Beyond

Dental Assisting School TeachersI really felt that the dental assisting school teachers went above and beyond when teaching. I even got a job offer at graduation!

I loved that we had one-on-one time too. I really loved everything about this dental assistant class.

– says Cinthia S.

I Got Offered a Dental Assistant Job!

Dental Assistant JobsI love how much the teachers really care about the students and how they took extra time when I really needed it.

I think that this program is amazing and that from skills I learned in class I got offered a job as a dental assistant.

5stars – says Elena C.


Dental Assistant Job After Graduation

Dental Assistant JobI had a great experience during my time at the Dental Assistant School of Vail Valley.

The teachers were great and helped us individually.

The two best benefits from this school were working with instruments while learning and

getting a job after graduation! 😀

– says Monica N. from Eagle CO

Dental Assistant Internship – Work with Actual Patients

Dental Assistant InternshipI loved this class and it actually inspired me to continue my education to become a dental hygienist. I loved that fact that the dental assistant internship provided me with the chance to work with actual patients and to be able to see various procedures.5stars

-says Dayana G.
from Gypsum, CO

Loved Dental Assistant School

loved dental assistant schoolLoved dental assistant school and every single thing about it. Had a fun and great experience. Loved the way that the teachers were always there to lend a helping hand when a student needed it. Feel more confident about myself and the skills that I learned during class. I also learned that trying hard always pays off.

– says Laura P. from Eagle, CO


An Amazing Experience Learning Dentistry

dentistryThis was an amazing experience! All the instructors were incredibly helpful and they made sure that everyone was comfortable with the material and understood it. I was able to decide that this is the career I want and without this class I would have never fallen in love with dentistry. Hands-on experience is very helpful along with the visual aids.  – says Hannah G. from Eagle CO.